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Frequently Asked Questions


How do we get started with ICATAP at our  healthcare facility?

Contact us to provide a presentation of our programs and how they can support staff training and development- we can answer many of your questions during this meeting. Afterward, meet with your team to determine if an apprenticeship program fits your organization.

Next, meet with ICATAP staff to develop an agreed-upon contract of services. Determine which of your staff will be the primary liaison with ICATAP and which will mentor the apprentice(s). Apprentices can be onboarded with your facility and ours any day/week/month.

Note to Minnesota partners:

ICATAP is now registered with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education which now makes us an approved provider for the Minnesota Pipeline Program Dual Training Grants.

To learn more about the grant:

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What are the steps to activate the ICATAP Apprenticeship Program?

What is the length of each program and how are they scheduled?

The Medical Assistant and Surgical Technology Programs are each 52 weeks with the apprentice engaged full-time in your facility for 1400- 2000 hours during the training period. The Dental Assistant Program runs for 26 weeks and apprentices are engaged for 700- 1000 hours.


Outside of work, the apprentices engage in instructor-led hybrid coursework through ICATAP.  Coursework is designed in modules and can be sequenced to be studied as they are working in the same areas of clinical skill development the apprentice is engaged in on-site. ICATAP believes the employer is in the driver's seat when it comes to aligning education to the work environment.

ICATAP provides an assessment process at 60 and 90 days and at the 6-month mark. Measurement of progress is essential for all involved in the program. Reviews include the apprentice, the setting, and ICATAP academics.

Life happens! ICATAP understands there may be instances where we work with the facility to address issues. In particular, during the first 90 days, it is possible to work with ICATAP to provide accommodations for additional academic support of an apprentice, or to replace an apprentice who may have to be removed from employment. The 90  replacement policy does not incur additional costs if completed within that time period. ( one free replacement per position).

After contracting with ICATAP and  identifying your staff to be involved:

  • The facility identifies staff mentors for apprentice(s)

  • The organization advertises and hires apprentice(s)

  • With some programs, the healthcare facility will register with the respective certifying board as an apprenticeship program.*

  • Apprentices are onboarded at the workplace in tandem with ICATAP.

  • An agreed-upon schedule begins with full-time apprentice training on-site while coursework commences in the instructor-led hybrid academic setting with ICATAP outside of the workday.

  • Apprentices will be employed full-time for 52 weeks   ( a range of 1400-2000 hours of skill development) of on-site training. Dental Assistant apprentices are full time for 26 weeks with a range of 700-1000 hours.

  • Apprentices move out of the program and remain in employment after completing the board exam for the program.

* Hospitals must register their apprenticeship program with the board for surgical technology in order to allow employees to sit for boards after 1 year.

Note Regarding Termination.

If an apprentice is terminated by either the clinical site or ICATAP, the apprentice will not be continued by either partner.

How does the ICATAP curriculum compare to that of colleges and tech schools?

ICATAP curriculum and program design were developed using standards of practice in the healthcare industry and as evidenced by the respective certifying boards. The programs are framed for excellence following the guidelines and best practices recommended by the Higher Learning Commission and the certifying boards for each individual program.

What kind of diploma / certification will they receive?

ICATAP programs award a transcript and certificate for successful completion of the program. 

Additionally, each candidate is able to sit for board exams to be certified. Please see each program page to determine which board exam is available after completion of the program. Those medical facilities that contract with ICATAP will receive a detailed package of information for the program(s) they are undertaking.

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