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Surgical Scissors

Surgical Technology Program


Surgical Technology apprentices enroll in the ICATAP program through their employers. The ICATAP system of education is an immersion program that combines hybrid academics with on-the-job training to meet certification standards by the NCCT Board. If the hospital is registered as an apprenticeship with the board, the employee may then sit for the Board Exam after 1 year upon completion of all requirements.

A comprehensive programming information packet is available.

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ICATAP-STAT Coursework

Anatomy and Physiology For Surgical Technicians.

Apprentices learn to recognize human body structure and function in health and disease states.  Apprentices explore the causes, signs, and symptoms of diseases of the major body systems as well as the diagnostic procedures, usual treatment, prognosis, and prevention of diseases commonly diagnosed and treated in the surgical setting.

Medical Terminology.

Includes the principles of building a medical vocabulary. Emphasis is placed on the use of word parts including prefixes, suffixes, and root words used with a combining form to establish medical terms. The terms include operative, diagnostic, therapeutic, and symptomatic terminology of all body systems, as well as systemic and surgical terminology. Correct spelling, definition, and pronunciation of medical terms is stressed. Communication both written and verbal between health care professionals, and between the health professional and patient, is emphasized.


Overview of the Surgical Tech Profession.

This course introduces the field of surgical technology.  Emphasis on history, roles, work environment, attributes for success, professional behaviors, teamwork, hospital administration and organization, and legal and ethical concerns.

Sterile Processing.

This course will introduce surgical instrumentation along with its classification and uses, including the process of cleaning, decontamination, disinfection, and sterilization of equipment and supplies.

Surgical Techniques.

Introduces knowledge and techniques essential to the surgical technologist in preparation of the patient for surgical procedures. Topics include preparation and use of equipment and supplies, surgical attire, scrubbing, gowning, and gloving self and others; prepping, positioning, and draping the patient, types of catheters and drains, sterile dressings and surgical counts, and wound closure.

Surgical Procedures.

This course discusses related anatomy, illnesses/abnormalities pertaining to diagnostic procedures as well as general, obstetric/gynecologic, otorhinolaryngologic, oral/maxillofacial, plastic/reconstructive, genitourinary, orthopedic, cardiothoracic, peripheral vascular, neurologic, and ophthalmic procedures.

ICATAP Apprenticeships

In the clinical setting........

After an ICATAP contract is finalized, the medical facility begins the process. Steps include:

  • The facility identifies staff mentors for apprentice(s)

  • The organization advertises and hires apprentice(s)

  • The hospital registers with the board as an apprenticeship program.

  • Apprentices are onboarded in tandem with the facility and ICATAP.

  • An agreed-upon schedule begins with full-time apprentice training on-site while coursework commences in the hybrid academic setting with ICATAP outside of the workday.

  • Apprentices will be employed full-time for 52  weeks of on-site training ( a range of  1400 - 2000 hours of skill development).

  • Apprentices move out of the program and remain in employment and may then complete the board exam for the program if the hospital is registered as an apprenticeship program.

Performing Surgery

The ICATAP Advantage

Partnering medical organizations provide on-the-job training supported by  ICATAP staff and instructors. This includes meetings between clinical administration/mentors and ICATAP staff and, regular interaction between ICATAP instructors and the apprentices.ICATAP also has "train-the-trainer" instruction available for clinical staff.  Support for your facility staff involved in ICATAP is available whenever needed.   Enrollment is continuous- and apprentices can be onboarded any day/week/month.

To learn more about how you can enhance your staffing with training that exceeds that of traditional education, contact us below!

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