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Dental Checkup
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Dental Assistant

The primary duties of both registered dental assistants are the same as those with a CDA. RDAs help dentists care for patients in the treatment room and through administrative tasks. ICATAP Academics and on-the-job training with a minimum of 1000 hours are completed with the candidate taking the RDA exam, a national credential the American Medical Technologists issues that qualify an individual to work as a registered dental assistant.

ICAT-DAAT Coursework

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Patient and Dentist

ICATAP Apprenticeships

In the clinical setting.........

After an ICATAP contract is finalized, the medical facility begins the process. Steps include:

  • The facility identifies staff mentors for apprentice(s)

  • The organization advertises and hires apprentice(s)

  • Apprentices are onboarded in tandem with the facility and ICATAP.

  • An agreed-upon schedule begins with full-time apprentice training on-site while coursework commences in the hybrid academic setting with ICATAP outside of the workday.

  • Apprentices will be employed full-time for 52  weeks of on-site training ( a minimum of 2000 hours of skill development).

  • Apprentices move out of the program and remain in employment after completing the board exam for the program.

The ICATAP Advantage

Partnering medical organizations provide on-the-job training supported by  ICATAP staff and instructors. This includes meetings between clinical administration/mentors and ICATAP staff and weekly meetings between ICATAP instructors and the apprentices.ICATAP also has "train-the-trainer" instruction available for clinical staff.  Support for your facility staff involved in ICATAP is available whenever needed.   Enrollment is continuous- and apprentices can be onboarded any day/week/month.

To learn more about how you can enhance your staffing with training that exceeds that of traditional education, contact us below!

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