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Apprentice Access


If you are currently an apprentice within your ICATAP training medical facility this page is for you! Below are some frequently asked questions and the password-protected link to your  ICATAP classroom. 

We are excited to be with you on this journey to your new career and look forward to celebrating with you when you pass your certification exams at the end of your training period!!

The ICATAP Training Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been hired and onboarded and want access to my course site. How do I get there?

Onboarding with the employer and ICATAP should result in communication from your instructor regarding your username and password. If you are uncertain please send an email to your instructor by clicking on their name to the right.  

How does the weekly ICATAP program video meeting support my apprenticeship?

Connecting "face-to-face" with your instructor via Zoom video allows you to immediately get answers to questions- about the coursework, the clinical experience, or other matters. Additionally, you can meet and talk with other apprentices placed in clinical settings all over Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota during the weekly Zoom sessions! Each apprentice is in a different part of their journey so you will have the chance to talk to those just beginning  the program all the way to those about to complete their training!

Are the courses as rigorous as college courses and are our instructors qualified?

Yes. Each course is a college-level course that meets the healthcare industry standards and our instructors are required to hold appropriate degrees ( according to Higher Learning Commission recommendations) just as any college instructor. Save your syllabi - many colleges will use that document to determine if courses can be applied to advanced degrees. We archive syllabi just as any school and they are available upon request to former apprentices.

Do my coursework instructors also teach during my work experience?

Not usually. The apprenticeship experience is designed to have skills instruction on the job with the support of the medical staff mentoring you. Coursework is designed to learn using insrcutor led online modules that are related to the work you are currently engaged in. This means that there is communication between course instructors and on-site staff supporting the apprenticeship to ensure an optimum learning experience.  We highly encourage apprentices to communicate at work and in the course settings to ensure they are progressing successfully. Do not be afraid to ask questions!! Besides the weekly group Zoom sessions, your instructors are only an email away. They will set up a phone or video meeting with you whenever needed.

Can I continue in the program if I am terminated at my worksite?

If you are terminated from the clinical site you are automatically terminated from ICATAP and cannot continue your academic studies.  Additionally, if you are terminated from ICATAP academics you will no longer be in the apprenticeship program at the clinical site.

What kind of diploma/certificate do I receive when finished?

Upon successful completion of coursework and the on-the-job skills training, you will receive an official transcript and certificate. Additionally, you will be prepared to sit for your board exam to be credentialed in your new career.

Our board exam review module is open to you as long as you need it to prepare for that exam.

Recommendation: While employers may allow for up to

a year before the completion of boards, it can be advantageous to make use of the exam prep module and complete them sooner while the information is fresh. Most boards emphasize this as a preferred practice.

Still have questions? Contact your instructor today!!

Lead Instructors
Sheri Henry

Sheri Henry

Penny Sutten

Penny Sutten

coming soon
Sajeetha Babu

Sajeetha Babu

Geralynne Berg

Geralynne Berg


ICATAP Apprenticeship Access.

The coursework and video classroom for your specific program is available through the Moodle online class management system.

Only enrolled apprentices may enter with the assigned password.

ICATAP apprentices have great things to say about their experience!

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