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Our Mission

Through ICATAP, workers will benefit from healthcare apprenticeships by receiving an immersive education that combines academics and skills-based education to prepare candidates for life-long careers. 

ICATAP seeks to build comprehensive apprenticeship programs to help healthcare employers recruit, build, and retain a highly-skilled workforce.

Our Vision

ICATAP programs bring immersive education to the healthcare industry to build a workforce that:

  • makes the most of human talent and potential;

  • informs, educates, and inspires people to reach exceptional professional goals;

  • creates a work environment that both challenges and supports people; and

  • accomplishes goals faster and with precision, to ultimately build a workforce that exceeds industry standards. 

  • Upon completion of training, apprentices are prepared to sit for board certification.

The ICATAP culture supports active participation in learning activities and the application of new skills on the job. People attending our training program while actively engaged in the work setting learn valuable knowledge and skills in ways that enhance learning, retention, and application.

Our Values

Our values sit at the core of  ICATAP. These values are our company beliefs, and what we stand for, and are infused in our teams-to-train approach, both internally and externally.

Learning involves an element of responsibility. Every member of the ICATAP community,
from instructor to clinical staff to learner, is in control of their own experience. Connected learning empowers
people, but it also involves a level of self-management, determination, and focus.

Desire and determination are vital elements of connected learning. Our  learning community
is dedicated and ambitious - it’s these personality traits that ICATAP unlocks to encourage
interaction and enable change.

ICATAP welcomes everyone to become a part of the learner community and takes
responsibility for the staff, apprentices, and partners under its watch. ICATAP has genuine care for the quality of learning experiences and continually works to support apprentices, instructors, and partners within the healthcare organizations we serve.


Knowledge is power and ICATAP learning experiences provide the skills and the confidence to help learners acquire and use it in a way that brings about lasting improvement in the workforce.

Our Goals

1. Provide immersive education that joins the highest quality academics with superior skill development.

2. Ensure that all  ICATAP training leads to healthcare industry certifications.

3.  Increase employee retention by supporting a professional development progression path in the workplace.

4.. Improve staff performance and productivity through the teams-to-train approach in the healthcare setting.

5. Bring education back to the industry that best holds the standards of care.

Quality Assurance
ICATAP is dedicated to ensuring that we meet the expectations of the organizations we
work with, the apprentices we teach, and the regulations and rules set out by healthcare industry standards

and the certifying bodies for each program. 
 As such we maintain a robust quality assurance program which is also externally verified.
This ensures we meet these standards and continually strive to improve our services.

Start  your own apprenticeship program today!

Building a well-trained medical workforce is no longer easily attainable in today's world. In rural remote areas, staffing shortages are currently the norm and traditional education is unable to keep up with the need. Rural communities often are unable to access higher education to satisfy their needs.

ICATAP can support your institution in developing an    in-house program that will produce highly trained- certified professional staff. We can customize the program to fit your specific institution. 


Contact us to learn how to bring education and staffing together to produce a superior workforce that exceeds meeting the needs of your organization!

Medical Staff

Meet Our Administrative Staff

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Sheri Henry

Chief Executive Officer

Geralynne Berg

Director of Education

Tamara Leigh

Chief Marketing Officer

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