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Each state in America has requirements. The state of Wisconsin legislates specific criteria for professionals in the field of dental assistance. The following information is from the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) 


Radiography Requirements

There are no radiography requirements for dental assistants in the state of Wisconsin. All dental assistants may legally operate dental x-ray equipment and perform dental radiographic procedures.

Dental Assistant (Unlicensed Person) Requirements

An unlicensed person in Wisconsin may perform basic supportive dental procedures specified by the State Dental Practice Act under the supervision of a licensed dentist.

Any dentist who delegates any remediable dental procedure or function to an unlicensed person must first provide training to or verify the competence of the person in the performance of the procedure or function.

Auxiliary personnel in settings where sedation or general anesthesia are administered must be certified in Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider.

Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary Requirements

To perform specified expanded functions in Wisconsin, one must obtain state certification as an Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary: To qualify, one must:

I. a. Complete at least 1,000 hours practicing as a dental assistant and hold current DANB Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certification OR

b. Complete at least 2,000 hours practicing as a dental assistant, as verified by the supervising licensed dentist 


II. Successfully complete at least 70 hours of classroom instruction from an accredited program that provides training in practice as an auxiliary 


III. Maintain current proficiency in CPR, including the use of an automated external defibrillator, achieved through instruction provided by an approved individual, organization, or institution of higher education 


IV. Submit fee and application to the Board for EFDA certification

Note: The Wisconsin Legislature passed a new law during the 2022 legislative session authorizing the creation of an Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary who may perform specified functions. The Wisconsin Dentistry Examining Board has promulgated rules to implement this new law, but permanent rulemaking is not yet completed.

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