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ICATAP is the answer to critical healthcare staffing shortages by bringing high-level education to the organization. When employers sponsor apprentices they gain skilled workers, reduce employee turnover, and improve productivity. Apprentices can also help organizations address any critical or expected shortages of skilled labor at a time when finding skilled workers is highly problematic. Apprenticeships are proven workforce development tools that offer substantial benefits to both workers and businesses.

Our Programs


Medical Assistant

The NHA Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) or the  AMT Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) certification denotes an individual has the skills needed to work as a medical assistant in an ambulatory health care setting.

Surgical Technician

The Surgical Technician Program provides a full academic training program in partnership  with hospital-sponsored apprenticeship programs. Hospitals with a registered apprenticeship program may lead to board certification as a tech after 1 year of training.


Registered Dental Assistant

(coming soon)

The Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) credential is awarded by the American Medical Technologists (AMT), and taken in addition to any state licensing or regulatory requirements.


Registered Nurse

(coming soon)

The Wisconsin Board of Nursing issues licenses to Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses.Wisconsin is a member of the nurse licensure compact. 

Our Programs
ICATAP is the answer to critical staffing needs.

Our Mission

Through ICATAP, workers will benefit from healthcare apprenticeships by receiving an immersive education that combines academics and skills-based education to prepare candidates for life-long careers.

ICATAP seeks to build comprehensive apprenticeship programs to help healthcare employers recruit, build, and retain a highly-skilled workforce.

Medical Team

Apprentice Success Stories

“Who knew I would be going back to school after the age of 50. The ICATAP program is amazing and I love being a certified CCMA.”


"It's been great to do on the job training while getting paid for my time and not have to attend classes in person while juggling both. I would recommend the program highly to anyone interested in this apprenticeship."


The program is fantastic!  I was ready for a new challenge and ICATAP gave me that opportunity. (getting paid while going to school didn’t hurt either 😉)


The classes and on the job training are so immersive and engaging, you learn quickly.


I am thrilled to be in the ICATAP training and recommend it to anyone wanting to get into the medical field.


Medical Specialists

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